Subtitling & Media Processing


A- Subtitling

After partnering with TripleOne Media, we moved even further to cater our services to different markets so the language won’t be an obstacle, since every video needs to be subtitled, we can offer the best rates to subtitle your videos in more than 20 languages

1. Subtitling:

  • Tranlation & Proof Reading (From and To most major European and Asian Languages)

2. Subtitling/Synchronizing

3. Quality Check of subtitles according to the highest standards

4. Delivery:

  • Burn-in (on video file or tape)
  • Subtitle File

B- Media Processing

  • Converting original (acquisition) video to all standard broadcast format
  • Mezzanine file into -> HD, SD
  • System conversion PAL to NTSC and NTSC to PAL
  • Up-convert of SD into 1080i/50(PAL) or 1080i/60(NTSC)
  • Converting and optimizing any video format into Web broadcast videos
  • Subtitling (Closed and Open caption)
  • Metadata preparation (information about tv guide, rating, satellite data…)
  • Image processing (creation of posters, DVD/Bluray menus, editing/treatment of photos)
  • Audio mixdown from 5.1 to stereo
  • Audio stream remapping
  • Audio editing and enhancing
  • Audio editing and enhancing
  • Video editing, removal of black segments, commercials, censorship editing, …
  • Applying logos, end slates…
  • Appliance editing (Digital SD / Digital HD tapes)
  • Ingest (Tape to video file)
  • Export NLE -> Tape (SD/HD)

C- Library/Archive Conversion

  • Converting old library and archives from any standard obsolete format into digital files
  • Archiving, serialization and organizing digital files on storage server, with customized library browsing software interface (search, copy, play…)

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