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Icetulip offers your brand over 15 years of digital marketing and social media expertise with a team of dedicated, highly motivated and passionate online marketing experts that sometime prefer we call them online gurus.

We live in an era where social presence forms a high component in our entire online presence, and a brand that is not only present on social media but is also a leader in this area – is considered saved from failure. In order to lead in this field, we provide you with a well-experienced social media manager, who is fundamental for the brand to excel on all social media management platforms and to ensure first-class social management services.
  • Community Management

  • Building an online authentic community for your brand, seizing opportunities to interact with this community, growing bigger and helping in contributing in marketing and sales.
  • SEO Content Creation

  • Reinforcing your brand exposure by providing high-quality content to boost your ranking potential, reach top-level and drive more traffic to your page.
  • Industry Insights

  • Performing the adequate studies, analysis and research to access the newest consumer trends, consumption and any business data helpful in guiding your brand
    through daily complex corporate decisions.
  • Social Media Crisis Management

  • Responding instantly to any potential issue and taking the right actions for every crisis to pass smoothly, through our wholistic pre-planned social media crisis communication plan.

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