Media Buying

Media buying is the negotiation and placement of advertising in various media channels. In today’s economic times, it’s imperative to stretch your advertising budget as far as possible and generate every ounce of value from your advertising investment.

The media strategy will identify the following:

1. Target audience:

The target will be analyzed and discussed with the client. Once it is set and agreed upon, we will:

  • Analyze the targets’ demographics and psychographics (if available)
  • Analyze their media habits and lifestyle

2. Media channel identification:

Based on the target audience, we will identify the most effective media channels that can reach our target audience and serve our set objectives

  • Optimize the media channels
  • Develop the implementation strategy; i.e. continuous approach or bursts
  • Optimize the budget per channel and for the overall campaign
  • Develop the buying strategy that will be briefed to a third party that will be identified after a pitch

3. Buying Pitch and Auditing:

Our capabilities do not include buying the advertising spaces. This will require us hiring an agency based on a pitch process. We will supervise the process based on the following:

  • Pitch brief and document preparation in agreement with the client
  • Pitch scoring document in agreement with the client
  • Pitch supervision and discussion with the pitching agencies
  • Auditing of the winning agency to make sure that they are respecting the commitments as highlighted by their winning document

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