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Icetulip’s Market Research Partner Sapience Consultancy is a scientific business analysis, research and consulting agency based in Dubai, that utilizes evidence based approach through research, applied mathematics, data science and dashboard solutions.

Sapience was founded in 2015, and our team is comprised of full-time staff (research executives, analysts, programmers, and business consultants) working together with a large pool of data entry operators, interviewers, and field supervisors.
Sapience’s team comes together as a professional research body through the training and experience of the members who share the same vision. Their dedication and professionalism make it possible to pursue our objectives and continue our growth. Sapience has developed capabilities and methods in large-scale handling projects. Sapience operates a strong in-house fieldwork capability, including a call center located in Tunis and Dubai.
Sapience is a leading provider of full service, custom marketing research, analysis, and consulting in consumer and business-to-business research in the Middle East. Over the last five years, clients, local and international, public and private, have relied on our dedicated professionals to explore, investigate, analyze and interpret marketplace dynamics, and gain insights into consumer attitudes and behavior and have used our data to analyze and plan their business outcomes. We are committed to offering clients comprehensive quality market research services to bridge the gaps with their customers develop more effective strategies.
Our area of activities includes both ad-hoc, custom-designed research services, tailor-made to accommodate client’s requirements and objectives using a range of Qualitative and Quantitative methodologies and Syndicated Studies which are designed and conducted by Sapience upon sensing a collective need amongst several clients. The scope of our ad-hoc studies is very diversified and covers the following:

  • Usage and Attitudes Studies, General Consumer Studies, Consumer insights studies.
  • Mystery Shopping Studies.
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies,
  • Brand Positioning and Brand Equity Studies, Corporate Image Studies.
  • Employee Attitudes and Morale / Staff Satisfaction Studies.
  • Price Perception Tests for consumer goods and services.
  • Advertising and Package Communication studies.
  • Advertising, Consumption and Brand Image Tracking Studies for consumer goods,
    retail service-oriented companies.
  • Shoppers and Users profile Studies.
  • Products Usage and Taste Tests.
  • Public Opinion Polls, Human Needs and Satisfaction, Human Values and Beliefs.
  • Trade and business development research.
  • Market Assessment.

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