Architectural Visualization

Icetulip Partnered with I-create3D to deliver the best architectural visualization services.

We being your imaginative designs to life in virtual reality and help you visualize your designs and ideas before you execute them. Providing high quality 3D rendering and 3D animation or various purposes including Architecture, Industrial Design, Medical Equipment and Advertising.

I-create3D is an architectural visualization Company, specializes in providing high end 3D renderings for both residential and commercial developments. Whether it’s print or digital, we can work with you to provide photo-realistic and stunning results to help you and your clients visualize your project. We have been in this field for many years and worked on many projects. Technical drawings are second nature for artists, which mean we can understand and interpret any kind of architectural drawing to 3D space.

At i-create3D, we bring your imaginative designs to life in virtual reality and help you visualize your designs and ideas before you execute them.

Why I-create3D?

Driven by core values of dedication, quality assurance and sound professionalism, we have a pool of talented 3D Artists, animators, and other multi-skilled trained personnel who have successfully executed major 3D rendering projects.

Not only do we offer lucrative solutions, but also value-addition by guaranteeing efficiency and quality. We have a customer centric and process driven approach which distinguishes us from other architecture 3d rendering companies. We aim to create exceptional 3D images at affordable prices and to deliver them on time


At i-create3D, we take your architectural plans and transform them into highly realistic, emotive images or animations to communicate the quality and the brand of your project. In particular, we are specialists in:

  • Exterior perspectives
  • Interior perspectives
  • 3D Walkthrough/flythrough
  • 3D Product Visualization
  • 2D color plan/elevation

We cater to architects, developers, and interior designers. Our rendering process calls for close interaction with you; In essence, we become your in-house 3D architectural rendering department. We maintain constant communication with you throughout the project. In the end, you will not encounter any surprises. Instead, you can always expect an on-time, on-budget delivery of first-class 3D visualizations.


With an interactive approach in our work, we constantly keep in touch with our client to offer the best of our services. We follow the process as under:

  •  Step 1: We receive the inputs from you;
  • AutoCAD drawings; we will need floor plans, sections, elevations.
  • Material selection references.
  • Output required; still images (how many images you want or need what angles you want for these images etc.); walkthrough, flythrough.
  •  Step 2: We will reply with a quote within one working day. A signed approval or notice to proceed is needed for work to start.
  •  Step 3: All inputs received from you are assessed by our in-house 3D modelers. In case of any discrepancies/ questions, we seek clarification from you so as to avoid unnecessary delay and rework. A draft rendering of the modeling phase will be delivered within the time frame that has been specified. (The draft is used as a platform for editing and progress assessment. We amend the draft to reflect your comments and requisitions, leading to a presentation of the final render.)
  •  Step 4: You provide notes on changes at this stage, (Scanned prints with hand written notes are preferred over verbal descriptions).
  •  At this stage of the project, a payment is due (50% of Quoted amount).
  •  Step 5: Work in progress, draft renderings with materials and light will be sent. We will need your comments and markups. We will edit the render until you are satisfied. Revisions are free as long as it is within the original scope of work.
  •  Step 6: After quality check, we will request the remaining 50% final payment. Once payment is received the watermark will be removed and the final high reso-lution output will be sent by FTP/Mail. Funds are accepted by Cheques and Bank wire transfer.

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