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Creating successful mobile applications that offer the best user experience is what our team of mobile app development professionals at Cnepho. We design & develop all kinds of mobile apps for iOS, Android, etc. depending on your business and end-user requirements

Building Apps using Native, Hybrid, & Web-Based Technologies

  • Native & React Native
  • Developing an easy, user-friendly mobile app or website for your brand to standout with our fastest, most responsive and most reliable user experience.
  • Hybrid
  • Saving time and money by creating a simple version of your brand that requires one codebase to be managed and without compromising on value even when you are short on resources and are in a hurry.
  • Web-based
  • Developing web applications, which are changing technology trends, notably that we would be delivering your application programs over the internet and through a network.

Content Mangement Systems (CMS)

Our content management system is completely tailored (from the ground up) internally to meed your carefully gathered and analyzed requirements and needs.

In App Video Chat Services

Our live media solution is reliable, efficient, and effective in terms of cost, bandwidth, and audience support. Our streaming servers are carefully configured, installed, and supported to provide a healthy environment for media (audio and video) streaming.

Apps Consultancy

Our consultancy service is provided on a per request basis. The aim of this service is to help our customers train their employees towards a higher learning curve in mobile technologies.

UX UI Experts

As a narrower term, a “User Experience Consultant” focuses on the visible parts of your software, that the end user interacts with — that he experiences. But as we know, UX design isn’t only concerned with web design and how the interface looks. It cares for the layout, the content, and the flows as well.

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