Cars & Speed


Cars and Speed is a project dedicated for the automotive industry enthusiasts the Cars and Speed website, sections: test drives, motor sport, collection car section, technical section, and latest car companies’ news. The Test drive section contains all movies that show test drives for the latest released cars in the market. The Motor Sport section includes all main events including F1, WRC, Middle Eastern Rallies, etc. The Collection Car section includes a fine selection of antique collector’s cars. The Technical section describes all technical parts of the car presented in the show. The Latest Car Companies\’ news discusses general news related to car companies such as changes in their marketing strategies, new car releases, etc. InTouch designed and developed this project. The development and design of this website, was executed by  InTouch s.a.l. , previously known as NetDesignPlus s.a.l., providing one of the most appealing user experience for the automotive enthusiasts. This website was developed using an XHTML / AJAX / Web 2.0 format. For more from  InTouch s.a.l.’s portfolio, you can visit their website by clicking here.