Abdulrehman Al Hallab

Website: www.hallab.com.lb

Abdul Rahman Al Hallab is one of the most renowned catering, and pastry chains in Lebanon. Al Halab, has collaborated with  InTouch s.a.l., previously known as NetDesignPlus s.a.l., for the creation of a full fledged E-commerce website.The Abdul Rahman Al Hallab website is designed in such fashion as to guide the user into two entities, either taking the user into a corporate website, or an e-shop website.

InTouch s.a.l. emphasized on the essence of the oriental branding for Abdul Rahman Al Hallab, in order to provide the website with the look and feel suitable to reflect the client’s services, and identity.

The website was built using XHTML, AJAX and Web 2.0.

InTouch’s full portfolio is also available under www.intouchmena.com