Thank you for your interest in Icetulip. In order for us to present you with a comprehensive online marketing strategy and/or media plan, we would need you to answer a few questions related to your campaign. Please try to be as precise and descriptive as possible in your answers.

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General Information

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Demographical Target



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Campaign Timing

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Required channels/Websites
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Internet Marketing Plan

Please provide us with a short description of your product/ service/business/project/ brand (brand
overview, mission, conceptual idea, added values etc...)

What is your competitive advantage?

What is your current positioning?

What is the positioning you wish to achieve?

What are your short and long term objectives?

What is the product/business/project/ brand perception on the market you wish to communicate?

Please dene the type of campaign (Launch, event, new product intro, re-branding, opening, awareness,
positioning, franchising, sales etc.)

What are the Campaign Objectives?

What message do you want to communicate?

What is your key competition doing offine? Online?

What is your online presence (website, Facebook group/ Fan page etc.)? Have you already done any prior
online campaigns? What was the outcome?

Target audience:

What is your primary and secondary Geographical reach by country of importance ( please include specific segmentation and list countries by priority)?

What is your target audience (Psychographics, age, gender, income, demographics)?

Who do you want to reach, if outside of your target audience?

Campaign Convergence:

Is there an Offline Campaign? What are the Offline media used (Above the line and below the line)?

Do you wish for the offline campaign to be autonomous or integrated to the interactive campaign?

When is the Offline campaign being launched?

What is your offline expenditure?


What is the allocated online budget for this campaign and how long do you want to run it for? Please
specify a range (<10k | 10k - 15k |15k - 20k | 20k - 25k | 25k - 50k | 50k - 100k |>100k )

What is your expected return on investment (i.e.: 10% sale increase, 20 leads per day, “this is an awareness
campaign no return is expected”, etc...)


Creatively, what do you have in mind?

Will you be providing us the content (visuals, logos, copy)? Completely or to some extent? If to some extent, please define what content will we be expected to develop.

Do you want the campaign to be directed to a URL, landing page, Microsite, Facebook page, etc.?

In which language (s) will the campaign (s) run?

What is the campaign timing, inclusive of phases?

Please advise if you have any limitation.

What are your expectations from Icetulip?

Other insightful information?

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